Complete solutions for calibration

We offer service and calibration of everything from advanced electrical measuring instruments to simpler analog instruments – regardless of brand.

Amtele uniquely offers a personal calibration expert. You can always call or email directly to discuss your particular instrument or sensor.

Instruments or sensors that are calibrated are unique with their own serial number. This serial number is registered in Amtele’s database and calibration results and certificates can be easily tracked. Amtele saves the calibration protocol for 6 years. Included in all our service agreements.

    Calibration services

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    Why should you let Amtele handle your calibration?

    We take care of the administration for your calibration so it does not become time-consuming, difficult and costly. We will give you a price and delivery time for your calibration units within 48 hours. Sign an agreement and we will keep track of when it is time for a new calibration and send a reminder. Smooth and simple

    Services included

    • Function control
    • Calibration
    • Adjustments and follow-up

    If you want to get in touch with us regarding price information for your instruments, contact us via calibration services below or email: