ADTS 405 MKI to MKII upgrade

ADTS 405 MKI to MKII upgrade

A cost-effective upgrade solution for your ADTS 405 MkI Military authorities throughout the world have adopted the ADTS 405F variant as standard equipment over a number of years. The MkI version is obsolete and due to parts availability is no longer supported. The ADTS 405 MkII upgrade kit provides a cost-effective solution to remove the obsolescence, improve the specification and provide an extension to the operational life of MkI units.

ADTS 405F – Transportable flight line unit This is a self contained portable unit with integral pressure/ vacuum supplies, housed in a single military standard enclosure. It is ideal for calibration and simulation on the flightline. A kit is available to upgrade the flightline unit which includes the following:

  • New front panel assembly including, manifold, valves, control sensors, TERPS main transducers, updated LDK and display, power switch, hand terminal connector and Mimic panel
  • New controller cards, motherboard and communication card
  • New pump motor assembly
  • New hand terminal
  • New power supplies


ADTS 405 – Rack mounted unit (RS) This is a compact, 50 cm (19 in) rack mounting unit for laboratory or workshop use. It is ideal for integration with ATE systems, or simply for use as a convenient bench top tool. Pneumatic connections are available via either the front or rear panel to suit specific applications. An optional matched pressure/vacuum supply unit (PV103R) is available as a separate rack module. A kit is available to upgrade the rack mounted unit which includes the same as the flightline unit but the handterminal is optional.


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