Compression Seal Fittings

We are selling compression Seal Fittings for wire, conductors, transducers and fiber. Seals are available from vacuum to 690 bar pressure and for temperatures -240°C to +1650ºC. Insulation for voltage from millivolt level to 8000 volts and current up to 400 Amps.

Combo Fittings

Split serien – PGS

Split serien – PGS/SPG/DSPG

EG series – Single Electrode Sealing

EGT series – Electrodes Teflon

TG series – Transducer

MHC series – Multi Hole Ceramic

PG series – Packing Glands

PL series – Power Lead

HD series – HD Feedthrough Assemblies

HPPL series – High Pressure

TG24T Series – Transducer Gland Teflon