GHS1402-2002 VSD+

Atlas Copco’s oil-sealed vacuum pumps combine robust technology with Atlas Copco’s advanced vacuum knowledge.

GHS1402-2002 VSD+

Ultimate pressure: 0,3 mbar(a)

Pumping speed: 114-2000 Am3/h

GHS VSD+-range  of variable speed driven oil-injected screw vacuum pumps with revolutionary vacuum pump control and connectivity.

Is a plug-and-play pump that is easy to install, service and maintain. The canopy plates are easy to remove for regular maintenance and service.  Is equipped with Atlas Copco’s revolutionary new HEX@ controller. HEX@ allows you to monitor and control your pump from anywhere and at any time.

The GHS 1402-2002 VSD+ is suitable for rough vacuum, making it an ideal oil-injected screw vacuum pump large range of applications. These include thermoforming and white goods), food packaging and preserving, altitude simulation, woodworking lamination, clay extrusion, vacuum cooling and holding, lifting, moving applications such as pick and place for electronics, paper, canning and woodworking.


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