DPI 705E Pressure Indicators

DPI 705E Pressure Indicators

This hand instrument is the sequel to our absolute bestseller. DPI 705E pressure Indicators is used by service technicians to measure pressure in all contexts.

The new DPI705E replaces the DPI705 and more. The instrument has a low-power design and can be used 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for a year without changing the batteries (4 x AA Alkaline).

Medical technology departments, car workshops, gas networks, leak testing in tanks, leak detection in telecommunication lines are just a few examples of industries that benefit greatly from this instrument. Pressure ranges are available from 25 mbar to 700 bar. External pressure modules from 25 mbar to 1400 bar are available as an option. Can measure overpressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure and can have an external PT100 sensor or interface for own PT100 sensor. Function for leak test over 1, 3 or 5 minutes.


  • Pressure ranges from 25 mbar to 700 bar
  • External remote pressure sensors from 25 mbar to 1400 bar as a optional
  • The pressure indicator is also available in an ATEX approved version for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Robust construction that makes it easy and convenient to use
  • This pressure indicator is used by service technicians to measure pressure in all contexts

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