Pressure sensors

We are specialists in pressure sensors. We can help you find the right  pressure sensors for all kind of measuring. We have industrial sensors, pressure transmitters, barometers, differential pressure transmitter and pressure sensors for testing. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, we can often help you through our good contacts.

UNIK 5000 Tryckgivare Druck

Pressure sensors | UNIK 5000

ANDROIT 6000 Tryckgivare

Pressure sensors | ANDROIT 6000

UNIK 5000 Level sensor

TERPS Pressure sensor

Tryckgivarna UNIK 5800/5900

Pressure sensors | UNIK 5800/5900

Level sensor PDCR/PTX 1830/1840


PTXPress Pressure sensor

FAA-certified Pressure sensor | PMP/PTX 3000

Marine-classified pressure transmitter | PTX 5600