DPI 620 Genii modular calibrator

DPI 620 Genii modular calibrator

The DPI 620 is the market’s most modern modular calibrator. On the clear screen, you can easily find your setting by swiping with your finger. The DPI 620 can handle the environment in tough process industry and is compact to fit well in the hand.

The instrument a very fast processor and WiFi wireless connection to the Internet to download instructions etc. The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery has a good lifespan and you can add more batteries if you want.

In the memory of the DPI 620 there are all instruments on the market that are registered in the HART® Foundation. You have free updates from the net. Since the DPI 620 is both a process calibrator and HART® communicator, you can feed 24Vdc to the transmitter, read the process signal and the HART result at the same time. You can also attach an adapter to turn the DPI 620 into a pressure meter with up to two exchangeable measurement ranges.

HART® communicator coh Fieldbus is available as an option




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