Temperature calibrators

Everything for temperature calibration. Dry blocks, calibration baths, temperature ovens, reference thermometers. Regardless of whether you work in the laboratory with fixed points and baths or out in the field, we have the products you are looking for. Temperature - 2 ways to calibrate Calibration of temperature - here we teach you two ways to calibrate. Either through comparison calibration or with a fixed point.

Temperature calibrators PTC200 & PTC700

Temperature calibrators PTC255 & PTC255i

Temperature calibrators PTC165 & PTC165i

Dry Block Calibrator-Gemini 4857

High capacity blocks to 700°C

Dry Block Calibrator-Jupiter 4852

30°C to 660°C

Dry Block Calibrator-Pegasus 4853

150 °C to 1200 °C

Isocal-6-Drago 4934

30°C to 250°C

Isocal-6-Calisto 4953

30°C to 250°C

Isocal-6-Europa 4520

-45°C to 140°C

Isocal-6-Hyperion 4936

-25°C to 140°C

Isocal-6-Venus 4951

-35°C to 140°C

Isotech Reference Semi Standard Thermocouples

Isotech reference-Probes-Semi Standard PRTS

Snabba kalibratorer-Fast-Cal High

35°C till 650°C

Snabba kalibratorer-Fast-Cal Low

-35°C till 140°C

Snabba kalibratorer-Fast-Cal Medium

30°C till 350°C

Snabba kalibratorer-Quick Cal High

35°C till 350°C

Snabba kalibratorer-Quick Cal Low

12°C till 140°C