Compressed air meter for checking your compressed air consumption Compressed air meter and dew point meter to check your compressed air consumption for energy savings and cost control. You can analyze and manage your compressed air consumption and save money while doing good for the environment. When gases leak from pipes and tanks, an inaudible high-frequency sound is generated, which can be registered by an ultrasound-sensitive detector, even at a distance of several meters. The LD500 converts the signal into a frequency that can be easily heard using the supplied headset. An integrated laser beam is used to locate the leak. In non-pressurized systems, an ultrasonic tone generator can be used. It generates a sound that leaks through small openings and can be registered by the LD500.

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PC 400 – Mobil Partikelräknare

OIL Check 400 – Mobil oljeinnehållsmätare

OIL Check 400 – Oljeinnehållsmätare

VD 500 – Flödesmätare